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Alert!!! This manifesto contains a lot of spoilers!!! I wanted to do “close reading” to make you understand Misa has A REALLY BAD PERSONALITY apart from being “annoying”...


Note: I watched the anime last year on Takada Kiyomi's birthday. And then I deleted it from my hard disc. Because while Misa was being given fanservice in the anime, Takada was being insulted by them. So, I may have forgotten what exactly happened in anime. Plus, remember that I read the manga a year before that. So I mostly forgot the details, but I covered the manga in order to prepare this manifesto. If you see my mistakes, please warn me kindly so I can fix them. But I believe this version of the manifesto is perfect, and it'll be the most wonderful Anti-Misa manifesto on the internet. Thank you for reading such a long manifesto. I'll appreciate your comments.

Hey guys. I'm new here and I'm here BECAUSE I want to throw up my hate for Amane Misa after looong years. Actually, I've been putting it off because I now hate Death Note because of her, but now I think I should let the other people know why I hate her to the point that I drop Death Note and hate it forever, not only I find Misa the bitch annoying or slutty. I hate her mostly because she's a MARY SUE. You guys most probably won't agree with me but trust me, I'll give you my reasons and you'll get to understand me -hopefully- and agree on Misa's not getting the hate she deserves.

First. Misa is a Mary Sue. Why? Because she's the most favored character, BELIEVE ME, of Ohba Tsugumi. When is a Mary Sue your favorite character, if you're the author of that work (mostly fanfictions, where we come across Mary Sues the most)? If you're a woman, I'm talking about the genders because Ohba's gender is unknown, you like your Mary Sue because she represents you, everyone knows this. If Ohba is a female, that's quite understandable, because MISA. HAS. SERIOUSLY. EVERYTHING. Imagine a girl. Who is blonde. (Blondes are more liked throughout the world, admit that.) Who is blue-eyed. [Or we have other options. Misa is brown-eyed. She's hazel-eyed too. She's green eyed too (in the manga). She's red-eyed too. And finally she has pink eyes in a video game which I never played.] Who is small in shape. (Again admit that the girls with small bodies are accepted more.) NOW, THE MANIFESTO IS JUST BEGINNING. Who has fame. Yes. Hasn't any one of us imagined being a Britney Spears when we were little? Why do the later generations like Miley Cyrus? Why Hilary Duff? Has any one of you ever wondered why we like these blonde cuties and not stop loving them until we grow up and love those who have stronger personalities with brunette hair? Miley etc. fans, no offense. This is an Anti-Misa manifesto -which has been awaited for ages- and I mentioned those celebrities just because they resembled Misa.

We DID love those blonde cuties because we LOVED our Barbie dolls, man! Remember ALL the princess stories from your childhood. Haven't you ever watched Disney? Aurora is blonde. And she gets the charming prince. Cinderella is blonde. And she gets the charming prince too. Barbie herself is a perfect blondie. She has blonde hair, blue eyes, a perfect shape and A GOOD HEART. Barbie is the greatest example of Mary Sue. If Barbie was a fictional character, let's say if she was Barbie Swan actually and the heroine of the Twilight series, she would be a perfect Mary Sue. Again I mentioned Bella Swan but I have to admit that I love her better than Misa.

Now, what do we have? Misa is blonde. Misa is blue-eyed. Misa is small. Misa is famous. These all make her loved by a number of people (IN THE ANIME, I'll talk about her fangirls later.) She has EVERYTHING. Why would she need to LOVE someone and be friggin' loyal to him? Haven't we ever met a celebrity? Don't we know MOST OF THEM have about 1586945162958 boyfriends, they get married to them, they have children, they divorce, etc... The good examples are rare. Believe me, if I were that beautiful, that famous, that sexy, I would have a harem.

Now I can hear what you say. BUT MISA LOST HER PARENTS! Hell, no. Yes, the incident happened a year before she fucking appeared in our show, which makes me think she doesn't love her parents THAT MUCH. Seriously, she loses her parents and a year passes and she's cheerful again. IF I LOVED MY PARENTS TO THE POINT THAT I FELL INTO DEPRESSION AFTER THEIR MURDER IN FRONT OF MY EYES, I WOULDN'T BE THAT SLUTTY IN THE STUDIO.

So, that story doesn't make me understand Misa at all, sorry.

Now, back to the Mary Sue subject. She represents the FEMALE Tsugumi. But, what if Tsugumi's a he? Then, that would make her the dream girl of Tsugumi. If Tsugumi is a man, I mean if he has a penis, he definitely is a bi, because the manga consists of a lot of Light x L scenes, about which all of you fangirls know. I used to be one of you girls, but I'm not any more. You'll learn the reason in the next paragraph...

Misa is the type of girl that TSUGUMI likes. He also likes boys too. And he always dreamed of a threesome. We don't know his identity, and the sexual life of him is HIS concern, but when it comes to manga, we've got a lot to say I think. Misa is obviously the only girl in the series, which directly makes the readers ship her with all of the males. But the most obvious pairing of them is Light x Misa x L threesome, of course. Misa is the girl BETWEEN two of them. She fulfils the role of "the girl" between them. You know the role of THE GIRL BETWEEN TWO MEN. Take Haruno Sakura for example. She symbolizes LOVE, JUST because she's a GIRL. The woman has been identified with  the themes "love" and "seduction" since the early ages. The feelings Sakura feels for Sasuke is debatable too, but I save it for another manifesto after the series. Naruto should end before I start writing about it. Because there is one more year left and maybe Sakura will change, won't she? Maybe she will drop her stupid feelings for Sasuke and finally realize who's been loving her for all those years... Again, this manifesto is not about Sakura and I'll stop here. Because if I continue, you'll accuse me of being a NaruSaku fan. Yes, I admit, I always had feelings for the hated characters. I liked Haruno Sakura. I'm a fan of Inoue Orihime. I LOVED Near. Should I say more? No, I shouldn't.

What kind of a threesome/love triangle is this?

Threesomes are cool. 3 boys. 3 girls. 2 boys and a girl. 2 girls and a boy. Whatever. It's a sexual thing. We all watch porn. But love triangle is not the same thing. Why do I call the thing between OUR FAMOUS THREE love? Misa obsessed over Light, we know this. L had some feelings for both of them, there are hints in the manga. I respect his feelings towards Light, I don't respect his feelings towards Misa, though. I said I used to ship Light x L because I'd been ignoring Misa those times. But now I see Misa is the most favored character of Tsugumi. And I could say Light loved L MORE. When you have feelings for 2 people, it's just lust, not love. L represented lust. That is how I see it. L, a character who is identified with Jesus, oh my Lord, lusts for AMANE MISA. Misa also always wears crosses, she's known to be a Christian, but as long as she represents lust, I mean A DEADLY SIN, she is NOT PURE I think. She's seen as one, though. Because she LOVED Light. Excuse me? Is it even love? "OMG you saved me, you killed that thief, you're my knight in shining armor, that's JUST because I'll kill TONS OF PEOPLE for you!!!" That's not LOVE, guys, seriously. I, for one, fell in love. I could've never confessed my feelings. When someone loves someone, they can't just shout out their feelings like Haruno Sakura did. They keep it secret like Hinata does. I shipped NaruSaku, so that's normal for me to give examples from Naruto I think.

Why did Tsugumi need to do that kind of love triangle?

Again, it's sooo normal to compare Tsugumi and Kishimoto... Here you see, I call one with his name and the other with his surname... Not that I respect Kishimoto more but... We can say that I disrespect Tsugumi more lol. By looking at the personality traits of Kishimoto's, we can say that a girl like Sakura must've definitely rejected him and he ended up like that... Naruto, the character he has always been identifying himself with, loves a girl but that girl is stuck up with an emo boy... Doesn't it just smell like... Light x Misa x L...? Misa loves Light, Light loves L, and L loves Misa, oh, what a love train...!

That threesome thing. And L's "lust" towards Misa, these are really important topics but I'll talk about them in detail as I give you THOSE PROOFS. Because whatever I ship, I have to consider the fanservice to the other fandoms. This helps me recover easily after my ship sinks. And my ships usually sink. I now dropped Naruto because I felt NaruSaku sank. I'd like to discuss this in that mentioned manifesto. Just understand me, I can see when a ship sinks and I don't blindly continue to ship it. I rather curse on the mangaka and drop HIS manga - you see I usually read mangas. There are A LOT OF differences between the manga and the anime of Death Note, but I now think this does not matter. Because Tsugumi = anime creators who know nothing other than giving Misa fanservice. Let's move on to the CLOSE READING to understand ALL OF THOSE DETAILS...

I'll skip the part when she came to fuck our manga. When I tell you about this, you all say BUT SHE WAS CLEVER IN THE BEGINNING, SHE SENT THOSE CASSETTES TO THE SAKURA TV BLAH BLAH BLAH... Man, I would do that too. After the brain games between Light and L, do you REALLY expect me to think Misa is clever? You expect me to forget ALL about Albert Einstein, then. If the IQ level of the most clever person in this world was 30, then I would agree with you on Misa's being "clever"...

Rem can do everything for Misa but Misa's in demand to kill her immediately... Oh, what a bad personality...

Death Note 27 at

Death Note 30 at

But she forces Light to be with her, so that's so normal... Rem threatened Light but she was pretty damn glad because she does. not. want. Light. to. be. happy, ALL SHE CARES ABOUT IS HERSELF...

In anime, Misa and Light come across each other but don't see... guess why? Isn't it the FIRST fanservice?

This is actually a mot, I sometimes cannot find the images I want, so I have to use the mots... but isn't it just true? I talk about it again and again. Amane Misa is a slut, and everyone who agrees with me, is right... ;)

While reading the "first" conversation between Light and Misa, I thought she's just a PLAIN girl who ever wanted DATES with Light... But my opinion of her didn't last long unfortunately. I, who NEVER BETRAYED ANY OF HER FRIENDS IN HER LIFE, read this page:

Death Note - Chapter 29 - 17

Isn't she the one who said, "Misa never betrays her friends!" to Ryuzaki?

Death Note 45 at

Liar bitch. By the way, you know that she didn't point her fingers to the left side of her. She became a really girly girl and touched her cheek, winking at the same time. I can't find the image, just watch the episode please.

Now, I want to move on to the "differences between anime and manga". I advise you to read it, not watch it, if you really find Tsugumi clever. I still find him so, but I don't RESPECT him any more. That's why I'm writing this manifesto right now.

Death Note - Chapter 31 - 16

Here, you all remember that Misa jumped on Light. Why did she do that? Because the anime creators shipped them. It used to bother me more in the past, but now I think Tsugumi was fine with that. I'll come to HIS Misa fanboying and Light x Misa shipping. All in all I said he liked threesomes. And I keep calling him a he, because I strongly believe he's a bi. If he was gay, such a bitch like Misa would have never existed.

Now, moving on to L's "lust". He did touch Misa's butt. Some of you count this as an L x Misa proof, some of you L fangirls say "But he lied according to Tsugumi." But How to Read also mentions that in the planning stages it was briefly considered that Mello and Near would be L's twin sons but that idea was scrapped, likely as it would mean someone like L actually managed to have sex with a girl and the author just couldn't see that ever happening, so Mello and Near became Tykebomb orphans instead. See? Tsugumi wants L only with Misa!

This prooves it:

Why did L bind her like that? Was that even necessary? By the way, I would be as strong as Misa too. I'm not that fool to not sell Light under "torture" but if I were that loyal, L would have had to do to me more to make me confess... Really, have any of you watched torture movies, people? If you look up the word "torture" in the dictionary, you come across a lot of different things... Electricity shock for example. You know, the best way to make someone talk in the fiction... In 1984 for example. Can you compare the tortures done to Winston? No, Winston is a bad example. We should compare Miss Julia and Misa. Because both fell in love, right? We didn't see the Julia scenes but I don't expect less from O'Brien to torture Julia and make her fall in love with Big Brother and forget all about Winston... he said quite the contrary, though.

Second, the psychological torture. I don't remember 1984 that much, I gave that example just to be much open, but if Julia's hair was to be cut, that would be the psychological torture. You know we women are best marked because of our hair. That's what make us a "woman" other than our vagina. If L was to cut Misa's hair, that would work more. I'm not a sadist, I'm just trying to prove you all that Misa wasn't "that much" tortured... She refused to eat and drink, and that was HER preference. Also I don't understand why people refuse to eat under torture. Isn't it just the time they NEED to eat? They act like proud while they should be begging to eat... I'm not being stupid, if I were kidnapped, I would BEG for the meal in the first place...

Third, pull out her eyes. Fourth, pull out her nails. Fifth, inject her rabies' virus. That's what I call torture, because I've seen a lot of those tortures in the movies. But these are all unnecessary. All in all Misa was just a suspect.

But this is a fact. It is not torture, despite the manga. I think Tsugumi doesn't know any shit.

Misa: I won't say anything even if they torture me!
L: I can attest to that.

Let's continue with Misa's bad personality.

Death Note 33 at

“Kill me! Kill me while I'm still young and pretty!”

Dear Misa. You're being a bad example to the young audience. What's so wrong with being old? Why can't people get old and ugly? You'll get wrinkles, but you'll get grandsons as well.

Tsugumi loves Misa!

Death Note 33 at

Here, Misa forgot all about Death Note, except Light. If Tsugumi wanted, Misa would've forgotten Light too. Why didn't he do it? 'Cause he loves Misa. 'Cause he wants to keep her alive. That's why we didn't see her die. Everyone, seriously, everyone suffered from Death Note, but Misa...?! Light died in pain, begging to Ryuk. Mikami was imprisoned and after Near burned his notebook, he didn't even know why he was there... Takada WAS burned, man!!! But Misa? She wasn't even imprisoned! She lived FREELY after Light... Even Takada didn't kill her. She became THE FIFTH KIRA but thanks to Tsugumi, Misa's life was saved again...

Relevant to the paragraph above, you'll probably say “If Misa forgot about Light, that would mix the events in Death Note...” No. Tsugumi is a clever man, we all know it. He would've got rid of Misa so easily. But he didn't do it. Misa. Is. His. Favorite. Character...

Amane Misa is a slut.

Death Note 34 at

Girl, you CLAIM to love Light. But you're talking about kissing the stalker?! Seriously, what's WRONG with you?

Death Note 34 at

“Am I a pervert?”

Yes L, you are. Because Tsugumi wanted you to be so. You're not being a pervert here indeed. That's just Misa calls you. If you thought like that, “She's an idiot, if she claims that I'm a pervert, then just the opposite is right.” But you didn't say so. Tsugumi didn't let you. He always saw you as a pervert.

Death Note 36 at

Yes. “If you want to die, just kill yourself.” As long as you don't touch my Light, I don't give a FUCK to what you do to yourself.

Death Note 36 at

Yes. Yagami Soichiro loves you too. If that wasn't an act, if he meant to kill Light and himself, you would be free again. No one wants to kill you in this whole Death Note world. No matter how many people you kill, as long as you are cute, then we all could forgive you. Act like you JUST followed God's orders. Although you killed about 158645689541 people, you're still innocent, you're our angelic pure baby. That's why Soichiro KEPT treating you like a princess after this incident.

Death Note 40 at

Misa is seriously loved by both the writer and the artist. She's in every panel. She's mentioned several times. All the time we hear her beauty, her popularity, her charms, what a wonderful girl she is, how innocent... Seriously, why did they make a girl have all these?! Couldn't they just PUT ANOTHER woman? I can understand when one is beautiful and sexy. It makes sense when one is cute and beautiful too. But these 3 adjectives... Just cute and sexy doesn't make sense at all. How can you be cute and sexy and the same time? Does Hinata wear explicitly? She wore in the Road the Ninja movie. But she was self-confident there, remember. Does Orihime do it? She always wears long skirts. How on earth are these shy girls equal to Amane Misa?! I say, they're shy, Misa is not, she's self-confident and slutty...

Death Note 41 at

Remember this scene? Amane Misa shooting a movie with the only known celebrity known in Death Note: Ryuga Hideki... Of whom Yagami Sayu is a fangirl. A really handsome, famous guy, who else on earth should've been equal to Amane Misa...? And she WORE angel clothing in the anime. The anime creators do see her as an angel...


Light x Misa... in the anime?

Death Note 45 at

Remember here, friends. At that scene, Light was pulling the chain between him and L... Like saying, “Get away from Misa, L!” Hell no. Tsugumi didn't think like that. But he liked Light x Misa anyway.

Death Note 46 at

Misa has a bad personality. Really. Was she THAT loyal to Light? Guys, no... She just lusted for him for his looks. It's obvious from the guy from the Yotsuba case. But of course the anime creators deleted this. :) (Smile) Just to show her that LOYAL and they succeeded so I guess...

Death Note 47 at

As pure as Misa, huh, Rem? Then, Light is devilishly evil. Rem, do you know Misa never mentioned your name after you died FOR HER? Dear Rem, you deserve another manifesto because you lusted for Misa as well... I don't know how shinigami can have sex, though.

Anyway, I pity Rem so, so much. Such a shame that Misa wasn't EVEN imprisoned, the poor shinigami had always been worrying that she might have been executed... Really Rem, did you think L, our pervert L who is lusting for Misa, would imprison her?

Death Note 30 at

We know it well, Misa. You're such an idiot for not figuring things out so easily... It's just normal for a girl whose IQ level is as low as yours.

Death Note 48 at

This scene is retold in the anime like this...

Death Note 48 at

Also, remember this. Poor Higuchi. He just shouted at Misa, “I'm Kira!” He didn't try to rape her, like in the anime. I think the ones who seriously wanted to rape Misa was the anime creators. But sorry my Japanese bros, that's impossible too, aren't you just the ones who drew her? o_O

Anyway, Higuchi x Misa is the best couple from Misa x Everyone couples. I think Higuchi is as bad as Misa. That would be a cute couple! :3 *Let the anti-couples begin!* Just kidding. I even pity Higuchi. He planned to kill her right after getting rich. Even he wouldn't tolerate her. :D (Big Grin)

Death Note 50 at

Now... Misa-Misa's pure lipstick... As pure as her, isn't it? Now she's in the commercials. First in the magazines, then in the movies, and now in the commercials... She's going to be a Hollywood star, and a pop star in the books, we know. A pinky reaper. A girly girl who listens to rock music, lol. Back to the subject, I know all of you are familiar with this scene: L eating a banana... L is a pervert. Misa is a slut. And this couple consisting of a genius male and a dumb female ARE. JUST. NOT. JESUS. CHRIST. For fuck's sake, stop talking shit about my prophet! L is not Jesus! Neither is Misa!!! People, behave yourselves!!!!! If you don't respect our Lord, our God, try to understand His believers, His followers, and respect us!!!

Madhouse loves Misa. The proof is: Misa no Uta.

Here she changes clothes. Because we need to see her breasts, don't we? Other than that, we'd commit suicide, God knows! I wonder, literally, why that damn song was sung before L's death? His death and Light's feelings. "Tonight die in your arms" from TV Tropes, you remember. "Ho-yay." Why? Why did you have to ruin the atmosphere? This was between Light and L, man!!! The only fanservice of them were that rainy scene. All the others were made by a bi Tsugumi. I think they wanted to show us that Misa is doing all of these just for Light... She seems sorry for doing it. But I don't believe, as this scene is not canon. I never ever believed that she was sorry for the killings... Because, Misa DIDN'T UNDERSTAND LIGHT AT ALL, in the first place.

Death Note 30 at

Light loves the world more than himself. Misa claims to "love" him more than the world. Soul mates, right? Also, saying Misa is being yandere is bullshit. She was once, just like she was being a gothic lolita at the same time. After that, she was girly again. But her fangirls like cosplaying her as a goth princess, so that's why I hate her fangirls the most... No, let's say that's my "opinion" about them, instead.

Back to the subject, the anime creators keep on depicting her as an angel, who believed Light was bad inside, by doing this:

Misa Amane - misa-amane Photo

An image of shock. "OMG, I can't believe my Light-kun is that bad..."

How much is anime different from the manga? You probably know the answer.

Death Note 59 at

This scene happened in a café in the anime. But in the manga, they're outside. I feel like I've got much more to say about this, but I don't remember at the time being, I think I just want you to know the anime is a lot different from the manga.

Death Note 68 at

Hah. He's using her. But do the anime creators see what I see? Look:

Death Note 69 at

They mixed two scenes to give pure fanservice. I'm sooooo sorry for Light. If I were a gay being forced to hug a slut whom I hate, I would have long shot myself in the head. And look again. He ignored her. He didn't let her abuse him, nor did he touch her butt with a sexy attitude. Yeah, her butt isn't even seen... Note that I don't even find Misa personally sexy. I mean, where are the boobs?! If an ANIME woman doesn't have boobs, she isn't sexy, in my opinion. Remember this dialogue :D

Quagmire: Who would you rather do, Kristen Stewart or Scarlett Johansson?

Lois Griffin: Definitely Scarlett Johansson. For one thing, there’s the boobs, which Kristen Stewart does not have.

I agree with Lois. I think I'm more man than those who were being fanservice... ;P What a pity that they both love Senju Tsunade, Matsumoto Rangiku and Amane Misa at the same time...

By the way, I'm drawing your attention to where you probably have never realized before. So, see that too.

Death Note 69 at

Do you know this guy? Nope. Because the anime creators thought that the 3rd grader children were watching Death Note, and they decided to reduce brain games. They shortened a 10-sentences-long pararaph to 3-sentences-long. If you trust your IQ level, read the manga, don't watch the anime. I repeat: ALL THE ANIME CREATORS DO IS GIVE LIGHT x MISA FANSERVICE OR L x MISA FANSERVICE, OR ANYTHING THAT HAS MISA.

Death Note 76: Greeting at

This picture is irrelevant too. But this is my biggest work, so I feel like I have to let you know that the anime creators gave A GREAT DEAL OF Misa fanservice, whereas they ignored Halle x Mello fanservice. I don't ship the two of them, I'd rather ship Mello with Matt but we should respect Halle x Mello fans too. If they have a fanservice in the manga, then they SHOULD have it in the anime too. The anime creators of Naruto and Bleach are treating equally to all the ships... whereas Death Note's creators prefer to ignore Halle's seductiveness to Mello...

Do you know that Mogi worked with Mello?

Death Note 79: Feigned at

Thus, Mello worked with Near.

Death Note 79: Feigned at

But did the anime creators bother to show them to us? No, they preferred Misa fanservice instead. I can understand their lust for an anime girl, but I can't understand why they didn't give Halle fanservice, even though she was sexier than Misa. Forget about my being an anti-fan, not showing Mello and Near scenes just tells us that the anime creators failed to show us the REASONS why Mello sacrificed himself for Near...

Mogi in the SPK place.

Death Note 79: Feigned at

Tsugumi loves Misa.

Death Note 81 at

We could've got rid of her when she lost her memories. Again, we could've got rid of her if Light killed her. “I can't kill her because the police office would suspect me,” was a stupid statement. “Light's girlfriend was killed by Kira. Light can't be Kira,” would be truer. The fact that Light didn't kill Misa after she sent her notebook to Mikami is regarded as a proof of Light x Misa and it is used against Light x Takada fans who include me. They say, “He didn't kill Misa but he killed Takada immediately, plus he burned her.” The truth is, Tsugumi hated Takada. I'll move on to her later. Because speaking of Misa, I have to mention Takada and how great she is. She definitely doesn't deserve the hate she has. But it's normal to hate a woman who is hated even by her creator too...

Now. Watch here carefully. What is Yagami Light going to do...? I suppose, something HE DIDN'T IN THE ANIME...

Death Note 88 at

Watch here. What is Yagami Light doing? Doesn't he seem... like dressing up? OMG Light-kun, what did you do with Takada?! o_O Probably, something you never did with Misa... You can take this as a Light x Takada proof. ^.^

Death Note 94 at

Watch here. Here is really important. Here, Light says, “Don't worry Takada-san, we'll come and rescue you.” What does he say in the anime?!? “You know what you have to do. Just do it. You're useless now and you're a burden to me...” Then Takada starts to cry. IN THE MANGA, SHE DOES NOT CRY. Tsugumi was not heartless as the anime creators.

Death Note 99 at

Light doesn't love Misa.

Death Note 100 at

He would keep Mikami alive. He would be his eyes. If the plan went just as planned...

Death Note 106: Intent To Kill at

Here. Mikami shouts, “You're not God!” What does he do in the anime...? He kills himself with the pen, pathetically. In the anime, Near is not suspected whether he killed Mikami with the Death Note or not. The anime didn't show one year later, and Kira's followers. They just preferred to kill Light pathetically too and SHOW MISA OF COURSE!

Death Note 106: Intent To Kill at

Here, Light calls Misa stupid. But in the anime he just says, “Where is Misa?” and then immediately, “Takada?” Of course our little cute anime creators didn't want to get him to say “stupid Misa”.

Death Note 107: Curtain at

Also, in some translations, Light says “Damn Kira” here. I still wonder if Tsugumi meant that. Did Light really regret having been Kira? A question which will remain unsolved until Tsugumi shows up in the public... hopefully.

When I meet him, I'll ask him, “Why?” Why did you make Misa like that? Why did you kill my respect for Death Note? In a story like Death Note, which contained two men's rivalry, was that pinky slut really needed?

Now let's continue more personally. Why do I love Takada -I even ship her with Light- and hate Misa? All in all, this is a manifesto about “why I hate Misa”. First, Takada was born on 12th July 1985. Which means she's a cancer. And Misa was born at Christmas, you all know that. She's a capricorn like me and believe me, she gives us capricorns a bad reputation... OK, she may be a good capricorn at being a “loyal lover”, but we're not as outgoing as her... Also, WE DON'T SELL OUR FRIENDS. WE'RE LOYAL AT FRIENDSHIP TOO!!!

And for God's sake, I hate cancers. Capricorn and Cancer's rivalry is so normal. But I hate Misa, who is a capricorn, more than cancers! I liked Takada better!!! Because she was a typical capricorn. It's like their personalities are switched. (Cancers, no offense, all in all I don't know you but there are really few cancer people in my life that I get on well with.)

So, why did Tsugumi make a cancer born at Christmas? Because he wanted you all to like Misa. I believe Tsugumi is a capricorn. Seriously, I'm working on a novel right now and one of my main characters is really cool and she's a capricorn. We capricorns love ourselves. One of my characters is also a cancer. I said I don't like cancers but that does not necessarily mean that I should hate my own character, like Tsugumi does. He loves Misa, hates Takada. He loves Light x Misa, and his side ship is Takada x Mikami. The anime creators suggested that Takada might have been dating both Light and Mikami. I talked much about threesomes but, why would Mikami date his “God”s girlfriend -seriously, Light slept with her but it's just the anime didn't show it- and then kill her, by burning?! Anyway, you're free to ship whatever you like. Just like I'm free to ship Takada x Light, despite everything. It is my hetero ship. Light x L used to be my OTP, but thanks to Tsugumi and his fanservices to Light x Misa x L threesome, now I want to throw up. I don't like a pervert like L any more. You fangirls are free to continue to like him. But just let me know, why do you ship him with his killer? Oh, I know the answer. Because even L was comfortable being killed by Misa. If he caught Kira like in the live actions, he would let Misa alive and Rem would've died in vain, lol. Remember the book L: Change the World, L fanboys over Misa. He says he'll exchange Death Note, LIGHT'S DEATH NOTE, WITH WHICH HE WANTED TO CREATE A BETTER WORLD, with Misa's photographs. How pathetic... L, was it even necessary? Aren't you the one who bound Misa and watched her, perverted? Anyway, I keep my L hatred -disappointment indeed- because this is a manifesto about Misa. So, lastly I ask you this, if you see Misa as a puppet of Light, and Light the actual killer of L, why can't you say the same thing for Takada? Killing Mello wasn't her fault, she was MORE innocent than Misa. Wanting to be a goddess, was that a devilish guilt? No, I don't think so. But you think so, because you find Takada less sexy than Misa, which again I don't agree with. But anyway, you would probably agree with me if Takada had bigger boobs and longer hair, huh? But Tsugumi is just unfair. He knew the public's preferences and he introduced Takada less sexy than Misa...

What annoys me about Misa the most is, how people say "Why does everyone hate Misa?!" Well, why do I always end up finding Amane Misa cosplays when I google "I hate Misa" or "Anti-Misa"? OK, even I admit that Kipi is a wonderful cosplayer but...

Tsugumi hates Takada.

Death Note 110.5: Omake at

Whom does Light imitate? It's written there.

Death Note 31 at

See the L x Misa fanservice by Tsugumi too...

MADHOUSE works like Illuminati...

First, you watch the first ending. Everything is normal. Light and his ideals. But whom do we see at the back...? Of course, the one that had always had to be liked by us... This is how Illuminati works, guys.

Tsugumi loves Misa.

I kept telling Tsugumi loves Misa all my manifesto long but let's move onto the the details of Amane Misa as a character... I keep updating this manifesto because something always comes to my mind, my manifesto has had the favorite of 7 people so far, but I haven't received the success I wanted... Thank you for the 45 comments but I don't think there are enough Misa haters. I think it's because Death Note is old-fashioned now. I always wonder if Naruto will end up like this and I always hope those who newly watch Death Note will hate Misa, they google the words "I hate Misa" and will find this manifesto... and they'll be happy, hopefully. :)

Also, if you tell me how can I post this to the forums, I'll be glad. I copy and paste but the pictures just go... :(

In Death Note 13: How to Read, I read what Tsugumi said:

Misa in a nurse uniform on page 48. 
This was decided by me since the beginning. You can considering it as fan service (laughs).

So, Tsugumi, darling, did you plan this since the beginning? You really love Misa. As much as I hate her. ;) He loves her, because her name is Biblical (or... satanic?)... Anyway, she's important because she's depicted as the "angel in the hell". Her name comes from Kuro Misa, which means Black Mass.

Last but not least, his "overall" opinion of her:

"The decision to make the second Kira a girl was both because I wanted to make the visuals more flamboyant, and because I wanted to try writing a pure, devoted sort of love. Thanks to Misa, not only did the comic become more visually attractive, but I got to add more elements of love to the story. Developing that was what led to the idea that Reapers die if they fall in love with a human. And based on the hints I dropped at the end of part one, you can be sure I’ll be working with this theme in things to come (laugh)."

Laugh. Of course you laugh, Tsugumi! Do I need to say more? I've already made the important parts italic... How to Read is a good guide to understand Tsugumi's feelings for Misa. Let's continue with the omakes...?

Death Note 110.5: Omake at

Light is as excited as L to uncover Misa's secrets.

Also, OBATA seems to have been impressed by one of the Mello fanarts... Okay, let's make Mello a woman, and name him Misa! Because we already have Misa! Do we need Mello (or Near) in the fucking omakes of the manga WHERE THEY BELONG TO...? Misa is enough for us! Let's show our bitch everywhere!!!

Pretty similar, lol. But since Misa and Mello belong to Obata, I don't have anything to say... something like... copycat. *shuts up*

But we're not done yet...!!! I have to say EVERYTHING I have to say... Here, our angelic pure little baby... You're on the album cover of the third soundtrack?! There we can read your love(!) from your eyes... You're the most beautiful you, fully in your gothic lolita outfit... Those bells symbolize L and that moon... is... just... Light, right. So what do you expect me to say? Yoshihisa Hirano loves Amane Misa! Let's have a look at the track listing...

  1. "Death Image"
  2. "L"
  3. "L's Past" (Lの過去 L no Kako)
  4. "Near's Theme" (ニアのテーマ Nia no Tēma)
  5. "Mello" (メロ Mero)
  6. "Mello 2" (メロ2 Mero 2)
  7. "Action"
  8. "L's Ideology" (Lの思想 L no Shisō)
  9. "Mello's Theme" (メロのテーマ Mero no Tēma)
  10. "Confrontation" (対峙 Taiji)
  11. "Near" (ニア Nia)
  12. "Misa" (ミサ Misa)
  13. "Misa's Video" (ミサのビデオ Misa no Bideo)
  14. "Misa's Loneliness" (ミサの孤独 Misa no Kodoku)
  15. "Light's Return" (戻ったライト Modotta Raito)
  16. "Suspicion" (疑心 Gishin)
  17. "Tactics" (細工 Saiku)
  18. "Near 2" (ニア2 Nia 2)
  19. "Light's Performance" (ライトの演技 Raito no Engi)
  20. "Misa's Feelings" (ミサの気持ち Misa no Kimochi)
  21. "The Death of a Father" (父の死 Chichi no Shi)
  22. "Misa's Song" (Orchestra Version) (Misa no Uta (orchestra version))
  23. "Mikami Concertino"
  24. "Trifling Stuff"
  25. "Toward the Climax"
  26. "Misa's Song (Piano Solo)" (Misa no Uta (piano solo))
  27. "Misa's Song" (Misa no Uta)
  28. "Coda~Death Note"

The first three are about L... The fourth is Near's. The most important character from the second arc... And then Mello of course. And then L. And then Mello again. And then Near and then Misa's Video and Misa's Loneliness (really, loneliness?) come... A couple of themes and Misa's Feelings comes. Oh, of course, we've gooot to feel her feelings! I objectively say Misa's themes sucked and they were ALL similar to each other... but Misa's Song and its orchestral version were nice I think... Especially, the piano theme was what made me love the song, not Hirano Aya's irritating voice. I preferred Shannon Chan-Kent but I dislike that girl because she was another fangirl of Amane Misa. It's like... you know Kurosaki Ichigo's seiyuu? The dude who dyes his hair in orange... Also Miyano Mamoru-san thinks he is a Yagami Light but... I don't know the feelings of a seiyuu. I think they can identify themselves with the characters they voice... But Takada's English voice actor is different, I think she's the second fan of Takada next to me. Back to the subject, I honestly say Misa's Song (Piano Solo) was just needless... Just to make 28 themes in total. But there were nicer melodies... you know. When some sweet melodies aren't heard in the soundtrack album... It just sucks, doesn't it? There was a theme while Takada and Light met, it deserved to be in the place of Misa's Song (Piano Song), but anyway... Our listing finishes with the irritating voice of Hirano Aya... why? Because you save the best for the end... You know, when you have your dinner let's say, you start with the soup, or salad, usually. And then the main menu comes, doesn't it? Here, just after Hirano Aya's song, we come across Coda ~ Death Note, which immediately reminds us of that epic(!) final, when Light and Misa died together... lol. I've already discussed the true meaning behind showing Misa's face for the last time to us, so I won't repeat again. My "main menu" example could be explanatory for this, too...

Okay, that's all from me. It's already 9 pages. Hope I illuminated the parts why I hate Misa. It's more than “She is annoying, she gets in the way of Light x L.” I didn't blindly ship Light x L, Misa was the reason why my ship sank. Because you can't love two people at the same time. You can't make love to the person you love, at the same time to the person you lust for. You have to choose one. This is worse than cheating, I think.

And I hate Mary Sues. If you appreciate your own character to the level of God, and bash again your own character, that means you're unprofessional and you do not deserve my respect.

How on earth I wouldn't hate her?

If she was at least shy, that would be fine with me, but she isn't. Also, if she loved L all along, she wouldn't bother me that much. Because I always liked Light better than L. Or if she was as cool as Toda Erika, as beautiful as her, not so whiney and bitchy, because I did think Erika was very cute either with Tatsuya or Kenichi. I, who never smiled at one scene in the ANIME, lol'd at the live actions. ;)

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NightmareAbby Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2014  New member

If you like horoscope stuff
Light's Love Compatibility

Most Compatible L, Kiyomi Takada
Somewhat Compatible Misa Amane…

antimisa Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2014
Yeah, I know that . L and light are perfect matches Scorpio = Pisces. Takada and misa are like fire and ice because they're cancer and Capricorn - you're kiddin' me tsugumi, I'm a Capricorn that's not a Bitch.

Actually Mikami wouldn't get on well with light as he's Gemini.

Mello and near are rivals that's understandable because they're Sagittarius and Virgo. That's all I can remember for the death note characters. And thanks for the favorite!
NightmareAbby Featured By Owner Edited Sep 19, 2014  New member

L and light are perfect matches Scorpio = Pisces.

In Bakuman, Akito tells Mashiro that they must take a girl with them so that no one would think they are gay... Maybe that’s why Misa is in DN?
There are definitely hints that Ohba likes L x Misa like the Halloween and Christmas Nightmare Before Christmas? I know the original story is in Japanese but the line ‘Light I’m jealous ‘ maybe he meant ‘Light I’m Gelus’  and L death November 5  Miho's birthday November 5
Actually Mikami wouldn't get on well with light as he's Gemini.
I think Mikami is cancer because he's constantly talking about his mother =P I love Mikami x Light and also Nana x Kosugi

And thanks for the favorite!
you're welcome =)it's a relief to see that others have also noticed that Ohba incorporated her into every situation that's why she gets on our nerves ...and it's interesting to read essays and theories about DN there's an essay about Misa being the bigger villain have you read it?
antimisa Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2014
"In Bakuman, Akito tells Mashiro that they must take a girl with them so that no one would think they are gay... Maybe that’s why Misa is in DN?"

Well, that was a proof of the times I was a L x Light shipper...

"Light I'm Gelus"

What do you mean by that? I didn't understand. ^^'

"I think Mikami is cancer because he's constantly talking about his mother"

Mikami is definitely gemini.He was born on 7th June 1982. :) And I also liked MikaLight. It was my second favorite next to L x Light. But Tsugumi also likes TakaMika so... I'm disappointed by him again.

"there's an essay about Misa being the bigger villain have you read it?"

Really I've never come across it! Post me the link immediately! :)
NightmareAbby Featured By Owner Edited Sep 20, 2014  New member
What do you mean by that? I didn't understand. ^^'
I guess it can only work in english Oops!  but when L meets Misa he says to Light 'I envy you' some translate it as 'I'm jealous' so I immediately thought he meant 'I'm Gelus' (the death god who was in love with Misa) but I guess that's reading too much into it...

Tsugumi also likes TakaMika
Really? never noticed that when did this happen? but why are you disappointed, then? Do you think it's another threesome? I like Misa x Mogi what was she doing there in that hotel with him??? Wink/Razz 

Really I've never come across it! Post me the link immediately!
here Other DN Essays lots of essays, there are scroll up down buttons

Do you like Iwase x Akito too?
antimisa Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2014
Well, I dont like threesomes. I never like them. Always TakaLight. And MikaLight. No TakaMika or TakaMikaLight.

I also like MogiMisa. I like MisaRyuk, MisaNear, MatsuMisa, TakaMisa, HiguMisa, MisaRem too. Because they're my anti couples. Ryuk is a shinigami. Near is ugly - I don't like Death Note any more, so no matter. Matsuda is stupid. TakaMisa is a lesbian pairing, so that's so normal... Higuchi is the perfect match for Misa. And Rem... she already loved her.

Well, MisaRyuk works i think. Ryuk was embarrassed when she hugged him. Near is at the height of Misa. :D Matsuda and Misa are both losers... And Takada is too defined for Misa but they parallell L x Light, you know. Like a side-pairing. Higuchi's ugliness goes with Misa's dumbness. xD And lastly, Rem and Misa both deserve each other in personality.

Tsugumi liked TakaMika. I talked about it in my manifesto. "The anime creators suggested that Takada might have been dating both Light and Mikami." I said. Well, that seems not to be enough but I was convinced that TakaMika was canon when I read it... I really don't care. Again, I don't like DN any more. :D

Who are Iwase and Akito? I don't read Bakuman. Do they have anything in common with the characters of Death Note?

And I'll write to you after I read those manifestos. :) I'm really bored with Death Note but anyway.
NightmareAbby Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2014  New member
"The anime creators suggested that Takada might have been dating both Light and Mikami
Maybe he was trying to make her seem like a whore while Misa is always loyal to Light Rage

Light: hotel? what is she doing at a time like this?
Near: Mogi, she's doing Mogi...=P (Razz) 

Who are Iwase and Akito? I don't read Bakuman. Do they have anything in common with the characters of Death Note?
Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata created another Manga after Death Note It's called Bakuman
it's a story about 2 guys who make manga and it's implied that it's autobiographical it's about a guy named Akito Takagi (Light look alike) and his friend Moritaka Mashiro (L look alike) they use a Pseudonym Muto Ashirogi (maybe in real life they use Tsugumi Ohba?)
Many of the characters resemble DN characters
Iwase (Takada look alike) likes Akito (Light look alike)
he chose someone else over her and said that she's stupid and that Miho (Misa look alike) is smarter even if she gets bad grades this series is sexist maybe in real life she cheated on him and he wants to bash her as much as possible but there are still fun characters like Nanamine (another Light look alike) and Hiramaru (Matsuda look alike)

TakaMika was canon when I read it

Tsugumi Ohba you blasphemer Why would Mikami sleep with
God's girlfriend??

antimisa Featured By Owner Edited Sep 20, 2014
Yes, Takada is a foil character while misa is being appreciated by the mangaka...

And I'll make a good research of Bakuman, then write my opinion of it regarding the characters as well as the death note characters . :-)

But you're right , I think tsugumi may be suffering from kishimoto's disease - you know his problem with sakura. :-P but I should talk about it after reading Bakuman, and it's seems so hard for me as I can't even tolerate death note any more. :-D can you please tell me the summary? :-)
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rowenaphantomhive Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You do make some good points, I mean... anyone who considers Misa as this perfect, pure girl is smoking something. I like Misa because she is such a flawed character... she's so pathetic that she's incredibly endearing to me, that's just my opinion. I did hate her when I first started the series, but she's grown on me since.
But seriously, your first point, what the hell. She's a worse character because she's BLOND? Her HAIR COLOR matters that much to you? That's extremely shallow.
And ugh, I know how sjw this sounds, but... this slut shaming of  female characters needs to stop. She's not pure, no, but do you really have to call her a slut every other time you refer to her? And calling her a slut for offering to kiss her "stalker" to get him to let her go... um, yeah, so I suppose you believe that any girl in a kidnapping/rape situation shouldn't do whatever she can in order to try and survive? And geez, she offered a fucking KISS. Not sex. A kiss. On the cheek.
And um... don't know if you've noticed, but het ships almost always get more fanservice than yaoi ships. That's just unfortunately the way it is. And hating on a character because he/she interferes with your otp (I know your reasoning is far more involved than that, but that motivational you used, man.) kind of makes you scummy, imo.
Misa is clearly not the sharpest tool in the shed, especially compared to Raito or L. She's self centered, whiny, and such a stereotypical anime heroine at times that it makes me want to punch her. She clearly has a ton of character flaws, so I'm not really sure how she's a Mary Sue? Yes, she's pretty and famous and everyone likes her, but... as you said yourself numerous times, she's a far cry from perfect. 
In conclusion: hate Misa all you want, but... you really don't need to slut shame, etc, to do it, and doing that really isn't cool. :/
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